The Old Spaghetti House Eat-All-You-Can Drama

Last Friday, 18 UP RCYers tried The Old Spaghetti House’s eat-all-you-can promo at Technohub and went home DISSATISFIED.


My original plan was go to Technohub and eat dinner @ Mezza Norte while waiting for the others who will stuff themselves with pasta. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get my money’s worth since I’ll be in such a hurry finishing my food because we have to go back to UP to watch Cinemalaya. However, Skyler already reserved seats for 18 people and we have to pay for those 18 seats regardless if somebody didn’t show up. 😦

I was already a bit pissed before going in because TOSH made up some rule that each batch will only get one hour to eat-all-you-can. Like you can really eat-all-you-can for only an hour?!

Once inside, things didn’t really improve. The service gets an A+ in crappyness. The servers kept on going to the same goddamn tables and ignoring the rest. We had to wait ten minutes to get our second serving of pasta. Even ordering water was a hard task!

Food gets an A in the IS THIS IT?! department. The pesto and alfredo satisfied me a little bit (or was that just my hunger talking? maybe they let the customers wait for a long time on purpose so that their pasta would have this illusion of tasting delicious) but the pomodoro was S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G. As in shockingly bland. Okay, I have no idea what authentic pomodoro is like but if the legit version was TOSH’s then I’m never going to eat pomodoro ever!!!!! Wala man lang bacon or ham or cheese! When we asked for parmesan it arrived during our 4th (or was it the 3rd?) serving!

I didn’t avail of the unlimited pizza promo but two of my orgmates did. They added P50 and only got 2-3 square slices of pizza. FAILURE.

There was this background narration playing in the speakers, you know, ‘talking’ to the customers during the meal. When it asked if we were having fun, almost everyone in the restaurant groaned a collective NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I don’t understand why the TOSH crew was so all over the place when they have been having this promo for the past weeks.

After an hour, we were ushered out of the place and we purposely wore sad and dissatisfied faces to warn the people lining up for the next batch to not push through with eating there. Ugh! P150 WASTED. I could’ve ordered a fully-loaded meal or 3 huge-ass slices of brownies or mochi balls at Mezza Norte and still get change!  I suggest spending your money some place else!!


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