Lately, I’ve been everywhere. (Buhay Baboy 2k12)

What’s been happening to me 101 (like you care!!!)

July 24, 2012
Mister Kabab with Aicel, Jai, Boss, Gelo and Patty! Oh yeah, I’m so spontaneous! Commuted all the way from Gilmore to Technohub. Hihihi.

Buddies! 🙂

July 25, 2012
Skipped work (bad teacher! LOL) and went to Tomatokick with Jammy, Sam, Nicole and Chav. NO PICTURES BUT IT WAS FUN Tomatokick fries, I missed you!!!

Went back to the tambayan and then had dinner @ Brickfire Katipunan. Oh yes, let the food blogging begin!

5/6 ordered Cowgirl Annie (P120)

The name Cowgirl Annie makes me think of Annie Edison (from Community) dressed as a Cowgirl. MUST. STOP. DIRTY. IMAGES. LOL.

Crispy Something (P150+ish) (P.S. I suck at food blogging lol)

Joshua ordered a different dish ‘cos he’s bourgeoisie. HAHAHA


We asked for flyers from Chubby Chicken and Starr’s Milkshakes. Gusto ko talagang ma-try dun sa Starr’s ok 😦

July 26, 2012
Tutoring session finished a bit early so I texted Patty and the others if they were still at Tomatokick (they’ve been there since 4PM?!?). They were but it’s such a long way from Gilmore that I decided not to go. I got off Anonas station and spent a good 30 minutes in the ukay-ukay there. So many clothes O_____o LOL. I took a jeep to Tandang Sora but then decided to get off at Technohub since I remembered that it was Mezza Norte’s first night. I still had a good three to five steps down from the overpass when I heard Sam’s voice screaming my name. SOBRANG MEANT TO BE BA NA NAGKITA PA RIN KAMING LAHAT? Hihihi.

I bought brownies and other sweet stuff (3 for 100~!!!!) and Patty and Gelo bought us pizza. SOBRANG BABOY DAMI KONG KINAIN

July 27, 2012
UP RCY General Assembly! YAY Sefali’s + Spazzio after with mems and apps! Hihi.

(c) Bea Dalumpines | org~*~* (pakipansin ang curly hair ko diyan LOL)
(c) Bea Dalumpines | @ Dyip ni Juan photowall hihi

July 28, 2012
Dinner with highschool friends @ Cafe Lidia! Told the same stories again but still laughed our asses off.


We watched Balbalan @ Intersection. It’s kind of like fliptop but a different league. Naging medyo comedy bar siya kasi sobrang benta nung mga linya nila. Sobrang cool siguro kung nadadaan lahat sa fliptop ‘no. LOLOLOL

I’ve been spending way too much lately. Still, I just spent less then P200 on vices this July so I think I still haven’t hit rock bottom. Hee. For July, I will save half + P1o00 of my pay!!! Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it! Eat-all-you-cans, sales, Cinemalaya tickets are EVERYWHERE! HALP.


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