Employment, we meet again!!

The past week has been such a long, long week for me. Last Monday, I finally started the tutoring job Tita Tina referred to me. I tutor three high school boys from 5:30 to 8:30 (sometimes earlier!) every Monday to Thursday for a reasonable amount of moolah. Mia was their tutor last year but since she’s already graduating this sem, I got the job. Perks of Being Delayed.

I got my first pay last Thursday and I am excited to save up some money so I could buy myself something. (Not going to broadcast what the something is… because I might change my mind teehee)

So the tutor thing is going well. They give me merienda (and sometimes dinner!) so it’s worth the commute from Katipunan to Gilmore. Hee. I just hate that I don’t get to hang out with my friends after class and instead, I have teach Math (that I probably have to refresh on). 😦 Also, going home at 9PM makes me feel too tired to study for anything but I’m trying!!

Of course, because of this change of schedule, I had to defer as an applicant in Bolera. (I’d like to put a sad face, but am I really sad? LOL)

Last Friday was also the Applicants’ Orientation in UP RCY! (Pictures to follow, too lazy to upload anything) Around 30 UP RCY hopefuls attended the orientation (one of them was an SLIS freshie! SLIS REPREZENT) and they seemed pretty excited and genuinely interested in joining the org making the members pretty excited and genuinely interested in being active once again! OH YESSSSS HASHTAG GOLDEN YEARS OF UP RCY. Also, a bunch of alumni also visited!!!

We had dinner at KFC Katip and some drinks at Papus. I only have this to say… WHAT A NIGHT. Hahaha!

So there. I survived my first week of employment (wow, employment!). Here’s to hoping my acads won’t suffer for this!

And do you guys know any place around Gilmore to just chill and kill time at? Yeah, I’m looking at you St. Paul QC students! Sometimes, I miscalculate my commuting time that I have extra time to spare before going to work (wow, work!). I don’t want to arrive before my students. LOL. The nearest McDonald’s is too far to walk. Comment if you know anything!


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