Life Lately: In which we apply to another org…

Look at your life, Redg. Look at your choices.

I am not exaggerating when I tell people that I don’t have a sporty bone in my body. I don’t run fast, I don’t know how to ride a bike, swim, or play basketball or volleyball (or any kind of ball game really, kick ball siguro pwede pa HAHAHA). I got by all my PE classes in high school doing everything so that I could avoid playing sports. Upo tayo sa bleachers? Kain tayo sa canteen? Magtago sa CR? Tara.

I’ve accepted that I am not a sporty person at an early age. In grade school, every year since the 4th grade, we were taught a different sport. It was kick ball, then tee ball and then volleyball and of course, basketball. I sucked at all of them. The range of suckishness might have differed (kick ball and tee ball, I might have had a chance to excel with further practice but the other two? Let’s not talk about it.) but I still sucked. S-U-C-K-E-D.

Why can’t we just dance folk dances (subli? that salok dance thing) or play philippine games like piko for PE? Hell, challenge me to a chinese garter or jackstone tournament and I swear I’ll pulverize anyone. Mother yata ako everytime na may kampihan! Ten jumbles, ten exhibitions? No stopping? No moving? No tower? No falling star? BRING IT THE FUCK ON.

I feel like that kind of introduction is necessary for what I will blog about. You see, my college friends are sporty people. They are complete opposites of me. I’m not fucking around. They have sports and they like it. Anyway, so we joked around about joining the women’s basketball club before and, yes, (oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually writing this on my blog!) we just attended the applicant’s orientation a few hours ago.

It started as a joke, okay. We were getting tired of seeing the same faces over and over again (still, UP RCY the best! Apps Orientation on July 13!!! LOL) so we decided to widen our horizons. Yeah. Fucking widened all right.

We were already at Kalay when we tried to psych ourselves out of applying. I mean, what the hell? I’m so over the applicant stage of my life. Sigsheets, tambay hours, all over again?! HUHUHUHU

BUT NO. We were determined. Or you know, just curious with what will happen. We filled up forms and it asked what was our favorite NBA team. JUSKO PO PLS. I don’t follow the NBA! Nanonood lang ako kapag Finals na. Puta ok huhu.

At this point, my high school friends would probably be laughing their heads off. Imagine ha. Me in jersey, rubber shoes and basketball shorts. OMAYGAD. Patalo nga ako nung nagsh-shoot shoot thingy lang nung high school eh.

I have zero skills in basketball. I love watching it but only when my friends are playing. I’ve been the Crazy Screamer on the Bleachers my whole high school life and the fact that I might become The Player just makes me cringe inside. ALAM KO KASING ANG PRETENTIOUS NG DATING KO SO OMG PLS NAKAKAINIS KA, SELF. Alam mo yung mga feeling mag-basketball nung high school?! Putang ina pls. HAHAHA

Anyway, the apps orientation was okay. I like my co-applicants, all three of them, in fact (excluding Patty and Hannah). LOL. Anyway, it’s too soon to pass judgment on whether I will enjoy and continue with the app process.

I just had to share the inner conflict happening inside my head. I want new friends! New crowd! But really? Training every other day? (YEHES TRAINING PUTA) Is it really worth it? And more impotantly… kakayanin ko ba not just physically but emotionally as well. Kasi I’m pretending to someone I’m not… HAHAHA CHAROT LANG.


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