My First Two Weeks In Bullets

  • Interesting majors!!!! (Okay, I’m not going to geek out)
  • Free cuts, free cuts, free cuts!
  • Synchronized fevers (probably due to the calamares @ Katipunan. Sayang, ang sarap pa naman nun! /CREYS)
  • Deep conversations with friends over classes! (Wala pa namang masyadong ginagawa…)
  • Friendship Shirts!
  • Kebabers, Mang Inasal, Ambula, Delish, Serenitea!
  • Taboo @ the tambs! First GA of the year!
  • Dinner @ Hannah’s with Friendssss! 
  • PICTURES! (some are from Hannah hihihi)
Friendship Shirts
Missing Vince 😦 Hahaha

Kebabers! (not worth it 😦 also, nagtitipid sila sa kamatis)
Scrumptious instant noodles tossed in sweet and spicy and chilimansi sauce LOLOLOL
Just hanging out at Vanguard

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