To the Good-looking Boy Who Gives Me Butterflies In My Stomach

Dear Good-looking Boy I See Around Campus,

I have no idea why I’m writing this letter for you. See, for the past year, I’ve been trying to do this “not confronting my own feelings” thing, and just letting fate roll itself out so I don’t even know if I actually have a crush on you.

I wouldn’t consider us as friends, more like the “Oh hey, how are you? K bye” type of acquaintances. Not the awkward type though, just… the people who run in to each other from time to time kind. So why do I get nervous (or giddy? or a bit self-conscious?) when you’re around? I know I shouldn’t need to impress someone just so that they could see I’m a fun person and a potential lifelong friend but when it comes to you I consciously rack my brain for the wittiest hirit or the funniest comeback. It’s insane! (and pathetic)

As much as I don’t like to admit this (because I just know this will get to your head), you’re quite a good-looking guy and you’re also funny as hell. Despite the fact that I have zero knowledge with what kind of music you listen to (that’s very important, trust me), I am inexplicably attracted to you. And is it just me, or are you also a wee bit drawn to me? A friend once told me that I have this talent of sniffing out people who like-like me. Is this it? Or is this just my delusional self talking?

Oh well, here’s to hoping we’ll run in to each other again sometime. See you when I see you.

Girl Whose Heart Beats Faster When You’re Around


One thought on “To the Good-looking Boy Who Gives Me Butterflies In My Stomach

  1. Hello, Reginne! (I’ve always liked how your name’s spelled)

    I’m so glad you left a comment and made me stumble upon your blog! Now I have more blogs to read. 🙂 How’s college treating you? Where are you studying pala? 🙂 Hope (and looks like) everything’s fine! Keep writing about this boy (:D) and enjoy every detail of college.

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