Adios, Summer!

Before updating you with my life as if you are so very interested in it, check out my little project @! It’s a  collection of my six word stories and a pathetic attempt to get creative. Hee.

So, today marks my fourth (and unfortunately, still not the last) year as a student in UP. Goodbye staying up ’til 4AM and hello 8:30AM classes! I’m pretty optimistic this time, though. I think my drinking sprees and late night trysts would be lesser this semester, because I pep talked myself that I can’t afford to be my self-destructive self this year. Time to get SERIAS.

Before morphing in to Little Miss Studious though, my friends and I went to Trinoma yesterday to make the most of our free and available days before UP Manila snatches Vince away from us. LOL.

Anyway, pictures! (All of these are from Vince’s iPod Touch hihi)

Patty and Hannah as Power Rangers Samurais
I’m watching you.
Look closely. LOLOLOLOL

Friendship Shirts from Artwork!

We all wore our Friendship Shirts today! Photos in the next entry! 🙂


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