A track by track review of Motion City Soundtrack’s Go.

I let out a little shriek when I found out that Motion City Soundtrack’s fifth and newest album was already released. I’ve been looking forward to this album for months now and its leakage is like a welcome back to school gift.

Tammy introduced me to Motion City Soundtrack back in second year high school and I’ve been hooked ever since. I think there’s a perfect Motion City Soundtrack song for every event of my life. From my I’m so in love to DOES
LOVE EVEN EXIST?!? phase, MCS has been there for me every single time.

This is a lengthy review so I suggest you listen to the album first before reading this! Hahaha!

The album kicks off with its first track, Circuits and Wires. With lines like “My temper-addled tongue can’t seem to force it out / The words that linger inside me”, the fans would be comforted and pleased with the fact that Justin
Pierre still hasn’t lost his flair for stringing together amazing words.

The next track, True Romance, speaks of two people who will (or planning to??) upgrade their friends with benefits kind of arrangement and everyone couldn’t believe it when they found out. LOL. At least that’s what I think. Pierre’s croons during the song’s chorus reminds me very much of feelings when Feel Like Rain and Antonia are playing. Le sigh!

At some point of your life, you will listen to a song and then remember someone because of its lyrics or just the ~feel~ of the music. I want everyone to know that this is NORMAL and FINE and this does not mean that you are wallowing in the past. LOL. With that being said, Son of a Gun is a song that just tugs on my heartstrings. It makes me feel that even after true love is lost and angry words are thrown, two people can still slowly rebuild a friendship and even if people won’t get why or how, those two people will.

The album serves another upbeat song with Timelines and then slows it down with Everyone Will Die which reminds me more of Resolution. Both songs talk about making the most of your life and living like you’ll die tomorrow and is absolutely perfect for those “What is the meaning of life” nights.

The Coma Kid and Box Elder, are the two songs that I couldn’t care less for. The Coma Kid I could probably grow in to with a few most listens but I don’t think there’s much hope for Box Elder. 😦 I don’t like these #dark songs by MCS. They aren’t heartbreaking and sad, they’re just… dark. I mean, they feel dark. AM I MAKING SENSE?

Linkin Park’s Numb comes to mind with The Worst Is Yet To Come. Hey, with words like “If you just let me make my own mistakes / I promise I’ll behave / only in the worst way” you can’t blame me! LOL

Go’s ninth track, Bad Idea, is a song very reminiscent of Time Turned Fragile. I wonder if Justin (or any of the band members) have lost a one true love. No one can write these words unless they’ve felt it. Ugh FEELINGS.

Happy Anniversary is one of my personal favorites! My thoughts went from “Oh my God this is such a tragic song! It’s about divorce ugh this is so sad!” to “OH MY GOD HOW COME I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING?!?”. Am I being too emotional? Yes? Well, I don’t give a flying fuck.

The album closes with Floating Down The River and everything is fine with Pierre’s heavenly falsetto and then I am reminded that this band still hasn’t visited the Philippines and I just can’t accept that! I need to see them live before I’m thirty! A woman in her twenties sobbing while singing along to a band won’t look too pathetic.

Edit: Okay, overall, Go is a much darker and mature album. However, it unfortunately falls short to their previous albums. I just miss the happy and bubblegum MCS. Go isn’t bad, it’s just that they’re old albums (Even If It Kills Me and Commit This To Memory, to be more specific) are just so damn good it’s hard to compete with it.


3 thoughts on “A track by track review of Motion City Soundtrack’s Go.

  1. Redg! I didn’t know you listened to MCS! I like you ten times more already! Hahaha. Everyone Will Die is my favorite, it’s just so heartbreaking and everytime I listen to it I always remember that we all need to fall in love so that we won’t be alone when we die.” feeling. It’s depressing but you understand the whole healthy sadness kind of thing. LOL I miss you and our depressing conversations!

    You also write very well. :> Ayikeee. Hahaha. Write more! Now excuse me, I’ll go backread on your blog. LOL

    • Christina G! Thanks for the compliment. CHARAUGHT. Hahaha! Yes, I listen to MCS! We nevet get to talk about music and other things because we always, ALWAYS talk about depressing things. Yes, Everyone Will Die was bumped up into my Favorite Tracks after an entire day of listening to the album! I think all of MCS songs have the possibility to grow in to you after a few listens. 😛

      Also, please don’t judge me by my old blog entries! I’ve changed! Hahahaha!

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