Of friends reuniting after all the drama

Four years of trying to ~bridge the gap~ and ~repair the friendship~ finally paid off! Naida has returned!!!

She treated us to dinner at Cafe Lidia for her birthday celebration last Sunday. For those who do not know, Cafe Lidia is located at Calumpang, Marikina. I’m bad with directions so I’m not going to describe how to go there. LOL. Basta, galing sa Otto (along Marcos Highway) sumakay ka ng tryc tas sabihin mo Cafe Lidia yun na yon. LOL

We were all tortured by sweet and delicious food! I think there was not one person among us who left Cafe Lidia without feeling like they ate a week’s worth of food. LOL.

Pictures from Tammy! LOL for the food blogger photos!

Heavenly mozzarella sticks!!! 😦
Buffalo Wings!

Naida and Pizza Papa!
Mirror shots done right!

After dinner, we went to Naida’s place and proceeded to stalk people in Facebook (JUDGE EVERYONE!). It’s comforting (and a bit scary) to know that nobody really changes during college. People might develop new hobbies and acquire better looks (LOL) but everyone’s values still remains the same. Or gets magnified a hundred time over. Haha!

We played a tiring game of Heart Attack (SCREAMS EVERYWHERE) and then ate ice cream afterwards. Hihihi.

Tammy and I were the only ones who spent the night. I finally got to watch American Pie! I know, I suck! LOL.

After stuffing ourselves with carbonara and chicken for lunch and playing with Naida’s little sister, Ria, we went to Katipunan so that Naida could claim her allowance from her internship. Hee. Alam na ang susunod. LOL. She treated us (AGAIN! I KNOW! I LOVE NAIDA!) to Serenitea!

Okay, I know I’ve been a Moonleaf fan since my second year in college (My PanPil friends and I discovered it even before its opening in Magiting. #hipsters) but the I’m now making a fearless announcement… Serenitea > Moonleaf. LOL. Sorry, Moonleaf, but the taste of your drinks vary from branch to branch! Patty and I had Moonleaf after the PAO-PMS meeting at Katipunan and our Wintermelon and Hakka Milk Teas were too sweet. (We drank it, anyway, sayang sa pera eh! LOL)

It’s a shame that Serenitea’s ACs were broken. 😦 We stayed at Jollibee to kill time and talk about life.

Here’s a picture of cute puppies from the pet store near Naida’s internship place thingy to celebrate friends and reconciliation and all those mushy stuff!


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