Obligatory Huling Hirit Sa Tag-Init Blog Entry!

My last week of summer vacation was spent out with friends, eating and doing everything fun before classes start. Let’s do the recap! LOL

June 2: PAO-PMS Meeting and Elevator Action!

PAO and PMS invaded Jollibee Katip to discuss the YPS and plans for the org this sem. We were done before noon but we just spent the rest of the afternoon tinkering with Aaron’s laptop. LOL.

Nicole, Thea, Jenny and I (along with Cheska’s cousins!) went out and supported Cheska’s thesis, Elevator Action. The set was amazing and it was immensely funny as well. (Also, OH MY GOD lang yung abs nung isang kuya) The plot was too deep we had to ask Cheska what exactly is the ~deeper meaning~ of the play. LOL.

Here’s a picture of us looking happy (thanks Jenny for the photo!)

Friends! Everyone bending for Thea’s sake LOL

June 3-4: Naida’s Birthday Celebration (This deserves a separate entry!)

June 5: UP RCY Year Planning Seminar

SIXTEEN MEMBERS ATTENDED! And then some alumni. LOL. Just enough to members to be considered an org. It’s okay, though, since the result was that the YPS went by smoothly (i.e. not toxic).

Too tired to tell stories! PICTURES! (Thanks to Hannah for them!!!!)

Just chillin’ like a villains
Pinoy Henyo partner! LOL I bow down to Hannah’s photo editing skillz

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