We all did something in our lives, knowing fully well we shouldn’t. Smoke your first cigarette, drunk kiss your friend, and staying out all night to drink instead of studying. I have a lot of these kinds of stories, probably because I live life to the fullest and with no regrets. That, or I’m stupid and masochistic.


It was 11PM. I just got home from another night out with friends. I told my mom it was just dinner. Anong klaseng dinner ang umaabot ng alas-onse ng gabi? My mom will kill me. It’ll be no easy feat trying to “wake up” someone from inside the house by incessant doorbell rings at this time of the night.

For the nth time, I ask myself why I’ve never asked for a duplicate key since this isn’t the first time I’m going home late. I made a mental note to ask mom for a key when she’s in a good mood.

I walked a bit more briskly, as if in doing so, I’d go home to an understanding parent. The sky was peppered with huge, dark clouds that
threatened to pour at anytime. Puta, please sana wag umulan.

And as if as a sick joke, the clouds mocked me when I was just a few meters away from the tricycle terminal. Why didn’t I bring an umbrella? Of all the fucking days.

I made a run for Mini Stop to kill some time and wait for the rain to stop. Almost everybody turned to look when I entered the store. I couldn’t
blame them. I was dripping wet from head to toe! I prayed that my shirt isn’t wet enough so that people can see right through it.

What the hell, mom’s already mad. No point in stressing myself over it. I made my way through the shelves to buy a cup of instant noodles to warm myself up.

I was in the middle of deciding between beef or batchoy flavor when my phone vibrated in my bag.

Shit. That’s probably her. I flipped my phone, about to press the Ignore button.

My heart probably leapt to my throat when I read the name on the screen.

It wasn’t mom.

Okay. Calm down. It’s fine! Don’t freak out.

Now, I don’t remember how the phone call went exactly, but here’s the gist of it:

OYYYY Redg? San ka? Hahahaha!
Mini Stop. Pauwi na…
YON NAMAN O TARA PUNTA KA NA DITO [catcalls and howls of laughter in the background]
San ba kayo? Sino-sino?
Eh kaninong phone ba ‘to? Hahaha! Dito sa Drew’s!
(Seriously, who the fuck gets out of the place NOT shitfaced?)
Eh pauwi na ako…
HAY NAKO Pumunta ka dito dali bitch ka bilisan mo! [laughter]
Bilisan mo, may nangangailangan sa’yo dito! [more shrieks of laughter]
Call ended.

I sat there for a few seconds, contemplating on what to do. I shouldn’t go. There are probably a million reasons why I shouldn’t. It’s pouring cats and dogs outside, my mom will be furious, they’re drunk…

I exited the convenience store and ran towards the line of tricycles, determined to go home.

“San tayo?”

I should go home. They’re going to be fine. They can survive one drunken night without me. I should just go home.

“Drew’s po.”


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