Of food comas and movie marathons

After enjoying a month and a half of studying Philippine Politics and Govenment and Rizal, I can’t believe I used to spend my summers just lazing in front of the computer. So many summers wasted! I’m planning to take summer classes again next time, just so I can be productive.

Anyway, we celebrated Patty’s 19th birthday last Thursday! Vince and I bought her Brazo de Mercedes from Shoppersville completely forgetting the fact that Hannah doesn’t eat Brazo. LOL We stayed at the tambayan for a while to play board games with Lolo Russ (SEVEN WONDERS, YOU HAVE BEEN SORELY MISSED).

Vince, Patty, Hannah and I went to SM Megamall which made the List of Malls The Four of Us Have Visited Together longer. Hee. We went to the department store and bought matching scarves! Shame I didn’t bring the camera, because we all looked like idiots. Just imagine a group of four wearing (colorful) scarves. LOLOLOL

Patty treated us to a food coma at Racks. I’ve no idea what came over us when we ordered the family platter good for 9-10 people. Since a photo isn’t available, here’s picture of the menu from the Racks Facebook page.


We had Ribs, Fish and Chips, Rice, Bolognese, Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Broccolli with Cheese, Garlic Bread and 2 Liters of Coke. It was all so delicious! I just wanted to sleep right after eating because I was so full.

Patty, Hannah and I took a bus to Patty’s because we felt like it was too early to go home yet (Vince rode the MRT home). After our first movie (What’s Your Number), we just decided to sleep over. Hee. We went to sleep at around 6AM after watching Flipped (again!!) and The Art of Getting By.

We woke up pretty early and went on Skype with Vince. We squeezed in another movie (Insiduous) before going home.

Yay, so happy birthday Patty AKA Most Competitive Sister Ever! Thanks for everything, for sticking with me despite my weirdness and emotional instability. It’s comforting to know that someone will be there to teach my future children sports. LOL Here’s to the rest of our UP life our eternal friendship!!!


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