Six-Word Stories

I first read about six word stories in Adam David’s collection of poetry called the El Bimbo Variations (there’s a copy out there in the Internet, go download it. It’s worth reading!) It’s pretty self-explanatory. Flash fiction taken to the extreme. A six-word story. It supposedly originated from Hemingway but I’m too lazy to Google to confirm.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds. I think I had an extra hard time trying to make one since I talk a whole lot. Nevertheless, I’ve decided it’ll be a fun and a great way to keep my brain from rotting due to excessive use of social networking sites. Here are a few I’ve written tonight:

  • Cockroach. “Fucking kill it!” She screamed.
  • Alak. Aral. Mataas na grado. Gulat.
  • Birthday pero puro luha. Nasaan ka?
    (A personal favorite. Hihi.)
  • Palpable tension. Both avoided eye contact.
    And this, since almost everyone probably have experienced this)
  • Humiga siya sa kama. Namaluktot. Umiyak.

Hee. I’ve three that’s still unfinished. I’ll post them when I’m done!


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