On moving to a new home

Due to lack of options regarding layout customization in WordPress (I am too lazy to tinker with CSS ugh), I’ve been thinking about shutting down this site and moving back to Blogger. I decided not to push through with it because this has been my Internet home for more than three years already! More than three years full of poorly-written highschool rants, mushy confessions and constant fangirling. I can’t just leave all of that behind. Alas, I discovered that I can actually import this entire blog (posts, categories, tags and comments!) to Blogger! So HELLZ YEAH.

However, I won’t leave theoriginalquerida just yet. Hm, I’ll move to Blogger on my birthday, perhaps? Just to give me time to tinker around my new blog and make sure my new blog host wouldn’t have a few dealbreakers that would make me decide to stay in WordPress instead.

So far, I’ve discovered that Blogger doesn’t have Tags. All of my Tags have been converted to Labels (which is like the Blogger counterpart for Categories). I was a bit peeved by it but having the option to customize my site easier outweighed the non-existent Tags problem.

This post is immensely boring. If you actually read all of it, wow. You’re so bored.


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