What I Did During The (Almost) Two Weeks of No Internet

  • Used my pink card from the library every single day. Oh yeah, libraries rock.
  • Studied every night. In advance.
  • Managed to pass all of my quizzes in PolSci (except the first two, but we still had Internet that time so those don’t count)
  • Updated my planner.
  • Started watching Sherlock. (I’m just two episodes in, so shut it with the spoilers!)
  • Organized my DVD collection.
  • Put eight (YES, EIGHT) movies in my Movies I Watched in 2012 List.

Basically, everything I’ve been putting off since forever! Alas, PLDT has fixed our landline so goodbye productivity! I don’t care about being a lazy bum now, today is the start of my vacation!!!!!!!! HELLO, SEASON FINALES!


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