041612: That Tale of How We Survived The Wrath of Xian Lim’s Rabid Fans.

Let me recount the events that had transpired only a few hours ago…

I was inside a UP Katipunan jeep and I was starving. Like, haven’t-eaten-in-days starving. It was already 4 in the afternoon. I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch yet. My stomach wanted to kill me. My brain was going crazy, thoughts like, “Why didn’t you eat a goddamn pandesal or something before going to class?!” and “You should’ve given in to that urge to buy pancit canton earlier…” kept on crossing my mind.

I needed food. I needed it fast.

Specifically, I wanted a large order of McDonald’s fries.

I got off the jeepney and quickly made a dash to the door.

Yay, food! ... WAIT, WHAT


Rabid, crazy and deranged girls of all ages (is that a goddamn fifty-year old woman screaming her lungs off?!) crowded the counter.

“What the fuck is going on here?! Why aren’t there any lines? I need food in me, goddamnit! Who the fuck is that mestizo guy handing out Coke floats and posing for pictures?”

I made my way to the front and yelled, “Hoy! Ikaw! Anong ginagawa mo? Bat walang pila dito? Nasan ang manager niyo?”

The guy behind the counter just smiled at me. God, he was so good-looking. My head spun. Was it because of his smile or my hunger? I gripped the edge of the counter tightly, I’m not gonna faint! I’m not gonna faint!

Too late. My head hit the floor and the last thing I remember was some girl’s shoe on my face and thinking “Oh God I can’t believe, my cause of death will be being trampled to death by Xian Lim fans. That’s so lame.”

Fan: Xian, pa-picture! Xian: *takes a picture of his fans* LOLOLOLOL

(My high school friends and I were hanging out at McDonald’s Katipunan when we heard that Xian Lim will arrive shortly and hand out free Coke floats (I think they weren’t free, though). Fast forward to 4PM, a legion of Xian Lim fans were screaming like there’s no tomorrow. We just had to take photos. LOL So obviously, the scenario above didn’t really happen… OR DID IT?!?!?)

So many fans! I decided to take an upclose snap of his standee instead. Hey, whatever works!

2 thoughts on “041612: That Tale of How We Survived The Wrath of Xian Lim’s Rabid Fans.

  1. (is that a goddamn fifty-year old woman screaming her lungs off?!)

    LOLOLOLOLOL even mothers cannot resist the charm of Xian Lim! Hahaha! This made my night! Why didn’t you text me!!! Sayang I didn’t get to see Papa Xian. Haha!

    • Trisha! I miss you gurl! I didn’t know you were a fan! So sorry! He’s really, really nice. He wasn’t masungit or anything. Haha. Pero grabe, the crowd was insane! Die hard fans talaga! LOL

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