She’s the pizza of my eye.

It’s nice to sing along to a song you really love and then suddenly realize you once associated this with a certain someone who made you smile (and cry) a lot. It’s nice to realize that your heart didn’t do crazy somersaults when you heard the song’s first words because you totally forgot that there was a point in time when your mind would automatically go in to overdrive with dreamy happy thoughts whenever you listen to this song.

It’s nice to smile and look back without bitterness. A tiny morsel of hope might still be there but heartbreaking pangs of pain have disappeared.

It’s nice to take a deep breath and think about how much fun you guys used to have. It’s nice to realize you’ve accepted that, although you miss spending time with that person, things are better this way. Both of you are much better people, now. Both of you have changed, faced problems without each other and still emerged stronger.

It’s nice.

It gets cold when she’s not around
I float until I sink and I’m swallowed
It’s so cold when she’s not around
I wait for her to come home and tell me I’ll be fine
Tell me I’ll be fine 


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