500 Shows of Summer (okay, maybe not 500…)

I don’t have any problems, I’m not stressing over acads and I don’t see my friends that often. My life is so boring right now. I want drama!

My daily dose of drama this summer only comes from TV shows. Since I have a lot of spare time this summer, (at least, before summer classes start) I’d like to share to you which shows have been in my torrent client regularly.


I’ve been a solid Community fan ever since its first season. When I found out that Community’s rival for rating was Glee, I quickly chose Community and developed a kind of hate-but-not-really-love relationship with Glee (HEY, you can’t blame me! Darren and Lea? My heart.) I’m glad it’s out of hiatus and the recent episodes were nothing short of awesome.

Modern Family
My college friends got me hooked to this show by marathoning it at our house (or sometimes, theirs). I realized it’s better to watch it in marathon mode, instead of watching it episode per episode every week. Parang bitin kapag isa-isa eh.

Downloaded the latest season but still haven’t watched it. In fact, I think I’m just in my fifth season? The season after Amber died!

Vince convinced me to watch this show and I did so because I was bored. The reasons I’m still watching is because of the hot Brit director, Katherine McPhee and the songs.

How I Met Your Mother
I begrudgingly started to watch this show for the sake of relating my orgmates who watch this. Yes, it is funny but I just can’t help but compare it to Friends. Anyway, I’ve downloaded the first six seasons and a few episodes of the seventh, (I’m on the fifth, YES OKAY I’M SO SLOW) and yes, they ARE good. Just not something I’d go gaga over.

Grey’s Anatomy
Only watching this show out of habit. Tammy managed to get me addicted to this show when we were in our second year in High School. After sticking with Meredith, Christina and Alex (ORIGINAL INTERN FIVE!) for seven seasons, I just HAVE to know how the series will end.

With Robert Sheehan  gone, I haven’t been that excited for this season. I still haven’t downloaded the most recent episodes. Let’s hope it won’t be a bummer.


I downloaded the first season out of boredom. It’s so good! The witty puns, recurring jokes and gags, and Archer’s antics are just hilarious. It’s been a long time since I’ve developed a crush on an animated character. Who could blame me? Sterling Archer is so dreamy!

Adventure Time
This cartoon is perfect for people high on drugs. It’s so good, I’m not joking! Adventure Time airs on Cartoon Network but I downloaded the first season since I’m too lazy to wait for it everyday in Cartoon Network (and I need my Adventure Time fix, fast).

P.S. I REALLY HATE THE ICE KING! I hate episodes that are about him huhuhuhu #feelings

House of Lies
KRISTEN BELL ON TV?!?! Hell yeah. I managed to watch the first three episodes and I’m a bit disappointed with how un-Kbell-centric this show is. Oh well, better than nothing!

Game of Thrones
FINA-FUCKING-LLY! The first episode this season is so amazing I just can’t. I can’t even describe how much I love this show, you just have to find out for yourself on how amazing this show is.

New Girl
I’ve downloaded the first five episodes but I haven’t watched it yet. I DON’T LIKE ZOOEY DESCHANEL OKAY?! Yeah, throw rocks at me but I still won’t like her!!!

Mad Men
THIS SHOW IS MY FAVORITE THIS SUMMER! I downloaded it for my Alison Brie fix but I quickly forgot about that because of Don Draper and Pete Campbell. Those sexy bastards… I LOVE THIS SHOW, OKAY! Everyone is so classy and sexy. I wish I lived in their era when everyone’s clothes are so nice and their music is amazing and it’s okay to smoke anywhere. The soundtrack is also really good! Hee.

Naida lent me her DVDs but I still am on its third season. Bones/Booth sexual tension is too much gah

Gossip Girl
I started watching this show again because of Dan/Blair. THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER! Chuck can suck it. Also, Serena why are you still on this show, again?

So there. Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been watching this much TV shows. Anyway, here’s a list of shows my friends keep on telling me to watch but haven’t gotten around doing so.

  • Skins – Is it really good? I already have my teenage problem fix with Gossip Girl. I don’t want to overdose.
  • 2 Broke Girls – EXACTLY WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?? I’m just not attracted to the show, even their leads aren’t good looking.
  • Breaking Bad
  • Supernatural

Did I leave out anything? Nothing? Okay, thanks.


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