040512: Visita Iglesia

We never did Visita Iglesia in the nineteen Holy Weeks I’ve had in my life. At least, none I can remember. This sudden pull to do Visita was brought about by some mysterious calling my mom’s been having to visit Mt. Carmel Church.

We arrived at Mt. Carmel at aroung 3:30 (I think). I’ve gotten so used to circular churches (the one in UP and Della Strada) that I was a bit surprised with how long (and high!!) Mt. Carmel was.

So, pictures!

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
San Sebastian Basilica

St. Jude Archdiocesan Shrine
San Beda Church (Our Lady Of Monserrat)
St. Francis
Our Lady of Loreto Church
St. Clare

I know I’m not the most Catholic person in the world but whatever makes my Mom happy. Anyway, I enjoyed the church hopping we did because I got to explore Manila a bit more. I also visited all of these churches for the first time today with the exception of St. Clare. 🙂

More photos in my Flickr account hihihi


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