3rd year, 2nd sem.

This sem is my most patapon so far. I was lazy. I exceeded the maximum allowable absences in almost all of my classes. I didn’t take the final exam in one of my classes and I dropped my other class.

Here’s a list of my goals this summer.

  1. Don’t cut class in the first two weeks!
  2. Don’t drink unless it’s a Friday. (Okay, let’s include Mondays because Mondays are kind of depressing.
  3. Go home before 9PM.

No grade-related goals because I would just feel bad if I don’t achieve it. LOL #logic

Sigh. So much has happened this semester. Let’s hope for a good summer, yes? Project Ayos Buhay Para Sa Kinabukasan starts on the first day of classes! (Mental note: Check when that is, exactly.)


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