First of Rotact!

First of Rotact!

After three months of not seeing each other, I finally met up with my high school friends last Thursday! We had lunch at Casa de Roque (YUMMY CHICKEN AND POTATOES!) then argued for a while on where we’d go to dinner. We then decided to go somewhere new for a change!

We managed to fit the six of us in a small taxi (hey, the driver agreed to it, okay?) to go to The Fort. We ended up arriving at The Fort all woozy from the ride (some more than the others, ahem, Tammy).

We decided to try out Mercato but then we found out there wasn’t any Mercato during Thursdays. So halatang baguhan kami, yes? LOLOLOLOL

We took a few pictures first to cheer ourselves up.

Oh yeah taking pictures in the parking lot is all the rage nowadays

We then walked to Serendra and decided to have dinner at Conti’s. I ordered their Chicken Tocino which is good but not worth paying P145. Oh well.



Mango Bravo!! This was gone in a matter of seconds. LOL

We checked out Gelatissimo but ended up leaving without ordering anything. LOL We weren’t willing to spend more than a hundred bucks just for a small cup of ice cream.

Tammy and Aivy bought cupcakes from Cupcakes. Chai and Lexli went home early but we stayed at the Starbucks at Fully Booked ’til 11ish.

Out of focus sa mukha ko pero hihihi I don't care
Obligatory tourist shot

Aivy went home and it was just me, Rio, Tammy, some chips, and alcohol.

Hello, friend. We meet again.

Rio didn’t drink anything so she managed to remember all of our drunken slurs. According to her, this happened:

Redg: O, akyat na ako ha.
Rio: Redg, yung wallet mo (nasa couch)
Redg: *kinuha yung wallet pero nilipat lang ng lugar* Eh! Wala na akong pake!

I woke up and Tammy already left early. After a quick lunch and My Amnesia Girl in Cinema One, I went home to catch a few zzz’s. I had to go to UP by 6PM for another inuman with RCY. Gosh, I have so many friends.


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