On haircuts, camping trips and org activities

Yes, I am very bored.

My wallet now contains zero money because of this so-called “Life” I have now besides the Internet.

So here’s what’s been happening in my Life!

I got my haircut in that new salon place beside Mini Stop Katipunan (I didn’t have the money to splurge on a haircut okay?!?) and it turned out okay, I guess. I was supposed to cut it uber-short (kind of like my post-break up Basha haircut back in 2009) but the hairdresser told me it wouldn’t look good on me. I was too lazy to argue with her that I just let her do whatever she liked (LOL good thing it I didn’t end up with disastrous hair).

Original photo from Kerstine Locre via Facebook

After two weeks of cancelling our camping trip (mainly due to laziness and poverty), Patty and I finally took our trip last last week. I slept over at Patty’s along with Vince after the RCY GA Meeting (LOL). We slept at around 3AM after watching Youtube videos and half of Here Comes The Bride.

The trip was okay. Thank God we didn’t sit on aisle seats anymore! (We were forced to take aisle seats during our first camp out.)

We started climbing the mountain (I FORGOT IT’S NAME LOL) at around noon. The sun was cruelly scorching and by the time we reached the second station (there are three before reaching the summit), I was already out of breath and woozy. I mentally reprimanded myself in my head because I think it’s an effect of my very unhealthy lifestyle. (Not exercising, lots of beer and cigarettes?) After eating halo-halo, I just decided to stop climbing up to the summit. Mahirap na baka ma-deads pa ako sa taas.

Patty and I feasted on warm beers (yuck) and jokes with our professor and the camp councilors. Somebody woke me up at around 3AM (I think) to convince me to go sleep in the tent.

The following morning, we leapt off the pier to the ocean! HEEEEE IT WAS SO FUN!

Original photo from Kerstine Locre via Facebook

Last Monday was my Manila Adventure with Hannah, Patty and Vince.

I had an impromptu overnight at Gian’s during her birthday celebration because I was having so much fun with my high school friends. ❤ Heehee.

By the way, before heading to Gian’s, Cheska and I had a quick one-on-one session at Sarah’s. We were already on our way to Katipunan when we realized that WE DIDN’T PAY FOR OUR BEERS LOLOLOLOLOL


I left Gian’s at around 8AM and went home to get some sleep before going to UP for RCY’s Disaster Seminar. When I got home, I realized my phone’s missing from my pocket. DEADZ. ANOTHER PHONE LOST.

Brochure Picture!

Good thing the org was there to take my mind off my stupidity (and missing phone).

YAY PIZZA thanks Joshua for giving me one of your slices 🙂

Hee. I joined PAO-PMS in their pizza party after the event. I stayed for a while in Katipunan with Hannah and Michelle then went home. TIRING BUT FUN

Also, my mom still doesn’t know my phone’s missing. LOL

UP RCY Photos are from Skyler Fuentes and Nica Quejadas HEEHEE


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