Mahal kong Maynilaaaaa~ (AKA I LOVE QUEZON CITY POST)

Of all the days we decided to go to Manila, we just HAD to visit it while it is at its worst.

Hannah needed to visit the National Museum for her Anthro class and we decided to tag along with her. I was a bit reluctant to go today because of all the road blockage for the Iglesia ni Cristo event at Luneta. Despite my doubts that our trip to Manila will go smoothly, we just pushed through with it anyway, since Patty could skip her Math class so she could tag along and I had nothing better to do anyway (this is a lie, of course, I still have a report due tomorrow LOL)

Hannah and I left UP at around noon (Patty and Vince left a bit later since they still have classes). We weren’t a hundred percent sure on which bus or jeep to take. In the end, we rode a Quiapo jeep and just decided to get off somewhere familiar.


A few meters after UST, the traffic was just horrible and our stomachs were grumbling from hunger. Hannah and I decided to walk to Recto and have lunch at Isetann. BEST MALL EVER?!?!

Recto is a terrifying jungle. That’s all I can say. I’ve been to Recto before but it seems like the people there today were more rude and cunning than the usual. Or maybe that’s just my paranoid Quezon City-bred self was thinking.

After stuffing ourselves with Mcdonald’s, we took a jeep that would take us to City Hall. PUTANGINA YUNG TRAFFIC. Nakamamatay.

We walked a bit to SM Manila to wait for Patty and Vince. At this time, it was already half past three and Hannah said the museum closes at five so we went ahead and walked to National Museum.


After ten to fifteen minutes of walking (I might be exaggerating this, I FELT LIKE I WAS RUBBING ELBOWS WITH STRANGERS FOR ABOUT AN HOUR UGH) we reached National Museum only to find out that THEY CLOSED EARLY BECAUSE OF THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO EVENT


So we went back to SM Manila to hang out with Vince and Patty who were already taking their lunch. It was funny that we went all the way to (sticky, sweaty and polluted) Manila to go to an SM.

We decided to go to UST so we could at least do something in Manila besides window shopping. For a good thirty minutes, we just walked around SM Manila, trying to figure out where the hell are the jeeps (and buses) that would take us back to Espana. In the end, the bus that we were looking for was RIGHT BESIDE THE MALL OH MY GOD

The traffic was horrible. We decided to skip UST and just go back to civilization AKA anywhere but Manila. We got off at Robinsons Galleria and we welcomed the un-Manila air, people and environment. WE MADE IT. We were so happy, we felt like we wanted to shake random people’s hands or something. We celebrated our surviving the capital of the Philippines for a day by feasting in Jollibee. YAY FOOD

We took a bus and I got off at Cubao (I wasn’t sure where to get off at Tandang Sora) and I managed to get home safely. (Even if I reeked of Manila)

Note: I’ve no problem with Manila, okay? I actually lived there for a few years and it wasn’t chaotic. It was just a shocker for me to experience not knowing where the usual jeeps and buses are and bumping with a sea of sweaty stranded people. I’m sure Manila isn’t as chaotic as it is tonight. LOL.


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