Of sports, skinned knees and BEST BATCHMATES EVER!

Two years after our application process, Hypertrophy finally had its long-awaited ULTIMATE BONDING EXPERIENCE (yes, caps and bold are required) at Alex’s last Saturday. Although we were more than 10 Hypertropeeps short, it’s nice to finally hang out with the people who have been there ever since the beginning (of my UPRCY life).

Sandy, Alex’s dog! ❤ HIHIHI

Okay, I am not sporty. I don’t like running around and sweating. I’m saying this because I did more sports that day than I ever did in my entire HS life.

Alex gave us a short frisbee workshop before lunch and then later in the afternoon, we played ultimate where I skinned my knee. 😦 LOL lampa forever! I also tried to shoot some hoops (OMG THAT SOUNDS SO PRETENTIOUS “SHOOT SOME HOOPS” GRABE KAINES) and played “Para kay…” You know, where you dedicate that shot for something or someone. LOL yes so highschool!

We also staged a few pictures for our Everything is more fun in Hypertrophy campaign. LOL Here are some of them…

VCencio! ❤ Hihihi new Hypertrophy Loveteam!!!!!
Injured! 😦 Haha!

Almost everyone left at around 6PM, leaving Hannah and I alone at the house (yes, the Castro family wasn’t home LOL). Mae arrived a bit later and then we took a quick dip in the pool. Heee, alcohol-free bonding!




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