Week 1 of 48

Monday: No classes!

Tuesday: I woke up thinking that my classes for that day were my majors. It wasn’t until Patty texted me that we were supposed to jog for PE that I realized what my correct schedule was.

Jogged two fucking rounds of Acad Oval for PE as exercise or whatever for camping.

Things you need to know:

  • There isn’t a sporty bone in my body. Not even a molecule of sportiness. Nope.
  • Patty is the total opposite of me. She likes sports and she’s good at it.

So needless to say, I dragged Patty down that day LOL.

Decided to get lunch at Sisig Hooray with orgmates. Sisig Hooray was closed so we walked to KFC only to find out it’s being renovated. *tears* Took a tricycle to Wok Dis Way and waited a long time for our food.

Wednesday: Attended all of my classes that day AND did the assignment due on 5PM that very same day!

Thursday: Cut my PE becos my legs still hurt after jogging. 😦 Huhuhu! Had lunch at Mcdo with Jenny and Cheska just for kicks. Passed my Eng30 paragraph, stayed for a while at the tambayan then went back to Katip to hang out with Cheska (she doesn’t have classes on Thursday, that lucky bitch) and Honey. Hee. Honey treated us to Saint’s Alp and I finally opened the box of twenties I bought for Christmas. We stayed until 10 talking about family, smoking tricks and other stuff.

Friday: Attended all of my classes! (YAY MANAGED TO ONLY CUT PE!) HRD meeting in the afternoon @ Greenwich. Very productive. Hung out with HRD peeps @ 7Eleven (Tanduay Ice is the worst drink ever!!) and then played Rockband until 11PM. Fun, fun, fun!


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