Usual people Christmas Party!

One of the things I look forward to every Christmas vacation is the annual Christmas Party with Yoo-Eych + friends AKA Usual People. LOL. Two years ago, we had to wear batch colors (either yellow, blue, green or red) and with the hopes of continuing the tradition, for this year, the theme was Plaid and Polka Dots. The girly-girls had to wear polka dots and the not-so-girly girls had to wear plaid. The mothers (yes, mothers are always present during our  parties because they are the ones who bring in good food and most importantly, money LOL)  had no idea about this and it was fun to see their reactions when everyone was arriving one by one.

The food was so delicious I can’t deal! Brownies, pancit malabon, puto (!!!), lechon, chicken and CHESKA’S CARBONARA!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

I won a hundred pesos from winning a game where you’re supposed to guess ten objects using your elbows, face and tongue. HIHIHI MONEY!

Then, we divided ourselves into two teams, Team Polka Dots and Team Checkered, for Pinoy Henyo. At first, our team (polka dots) was the only one scoring despite the uber-hard words we got (Castanas wtf) but then after Team Checkered ALWAYS got words under the category parte ng katawan ng tao they started scoring as well. HUHUHU

Team Polka Dots also lost to charades. 😦 IN ALL FAIRNESS TO US, OUR WORDS WERE STILL HARDER COMPARED TO WHAT THE OTHER TEAM GOT. Oh well. Team Checkered got a hundred pesos each and we got twenty. 😦 So sad.

I slept over at Xai’s and we played SHOT KO NA TOHHH. LOL best Christmas inuman ever! After Cheska and Gette went home I proceeded to cry over stuff that I don’t remember talking about LOL. Thankfully, I didn’t throw up anywhere in the room and managed to walk to the bathroom before emptying the contents of my stomach. LOL. I woke up to a pounding headache and two bonus trips to the bathroom. Yay!

Forever drinking buddies! Hihi.
Group picture fail!

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