Christmas Post 2011

Four more hours and it will be Christmas also known as Annual Ham Holiday!

Our house might be missing some of Dad’s holiday decorations (he was always the one who would go on a decor spree) and Mommers (my siblings and I agreed to call her that because of Modern Family) might be stressing over with all the budget constraints for Christmas but I KNOW that this year’s Christmas would be a success because our family is at peace with each other. Heehee.

Honestly, last year’s Christmas sucked. Dad almost didn’t come home from Noche Buena and buckets of tears were shed. The holiday cheer wasn’t there. This year’s is the total opposite. We visited Dad today and we had lots of fun telling stories about uncontrollable bowel movements, field trips and stress over school. We hung out in their cell and his little room was so cute!!! Iba talaga ang Pinoy, sobrang maparaan! Haha.

We’re about to go to the anticipated Christmas Mass at 9PM so I’ll make this quick! I won’t make it super cheesy because that’s reserved for the Obligatory Cheesy New Year’s post.

Merry Christmas!!!!
to UPRCY, na super sipag and super eager to serve kahit na vacation! I miss you guys!
and to my special college friends na parating kasama tumambay, maglaro ng cards at uminom, kilala niyo na kung sino kayo! 🙂 Happy holidays!


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