Hashtag, #siblingproject

I had an impromptu overnight at Patty’s house last Thursday so that we would be able to finish our birthday surprise AKA #siblingproject for Vince.  (Patty and I are sisters in the org ‘cos of our buddy line–UGH NEVERMIND I’M TOO LAZY TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING)

We’ve been planning this surprise (actually, just talking about it, there wasn’t really any planning on when the actual DOING would happen) for these past few weeks. Online, I jokingly made the suggestion that we make a tarpaulin as part of his birthday surprise (as a gag to all those 18th birthday tarpaulins people make lol). At first, it started out as a joke but then Patty googled “birthday tarpaulins” and the idea was so hilarious that we just had to do it. With the help of Patty’s friend’s editing skillz, we managed to print a 2×3 tarp for him. YAY US?!?! BEST BUDDIES EVER!!!

So we arrived at Patty’s place at around 8PM? (Or was it 9?) The plan was to hand write all the birthday messages and wishes we got online (we also had a few people write their own messages themselves) on strips of colored papers and arrange them like this:

obviously, it would take fucking forever to collect messages that would fill this box

Of course, at first, we weren’t that worried. It was just 9PM! The night is young, yadayada there’d be people going online whom we can ask messages for! So we procrastinated a bit.

“oooh look at us we’re cramming”

We ran out of hot pink colored paper at around 10PM, so we went out to buy some. Yeah, THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL DEDICATION! DON’T SETTLE FOR OTHER INFERIOR COLORED PAPERS!

Patty and I developed a quota system. We both had to write on 25 strips of paper. By 1AM, we’re already running out of ideas on what to write about that we actually resorted to bombarding Hya over YM on what other moments with Vince could she remember. She gave a few suggestions which, in effect, triggered some of our own memories and we actually felt hope that we’d be able to finish this surprise.

1/4 or 1/3 done?!?!?!

We would never be able to fill everything with scrolls. So we unleashed our ~CREATIVITY~ and added a ~border~.

The plan was to put two swirly borders and just aim to fill in the middle.

We finished it around 4AM. The next plan was filling in the border with filler scrolls the following morning. We had to wake up at 6:30AM because Patty had an 8:30 class.

YAY DONE (almost)

Of course, we didn’t really get up at 6:30. We woke up at around 10AM, had a quick breakfast and started rolling scrolls like madmen. We finished everything at around 11.

sew proud

We took a cab to UP (in fear of being late and not being able to get everything arranged before Vince arrives at the tambs) and there were a lot of people at the tambs!! Unfortunately, all of those losers had class at 1PM and the only ones that would be left would be Patty and I. I got a bit cranky about that lol YEAH SUCH GOOD ORGMATES hahaha kidding (or am I???)

Thankfully, some of them still haven’t left for class when Vince arrived so we had a few people greet him happy birthday. We were pointedly ignoring him lol.

His reaction towards his tarpaulin was fucking priceless. He didn’t even notice it at first. It was only when Patty glanced at the wall when he saw it. We also gave his birthday gift (that brief from Bench that he laughed at) and the box of letters! Yay!

Patty and I didn’t attend any of our classes that day and just hung out at sunken garden. We were so fucking tired and sleepy. Ugh.

It was so tempting to just sleep.

Vince treated us to dinner at Shakey’s!!! IN SHORT, THE #siblingproject WAS A HUGE SUCCESS THANKS TO US LOL

Oh, and if you guys are wondering how the tarpaulin looks like…


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