Of shifting, board games and embarrassing myself by drunk-singing

I think it’s time for a little happiness in my blog, don’t you think?

Academics. To be honest, this isn’t one of my best semesters in college. I don’t like to make excuses but I think I did considerably well given my Family Situation. Yes, I slacked off but I managed to pull it off. I need to start getting more serious if I want to graduate in two years.

Hell yeah, I’m gonna graduate. I already have a course!

I got kicked out of Math (is it still kicked out if I walked away happily? LOL) because I gave up on it a long time ago. So for this sem, I was a non-major student. I took a few subjects in LIS with the hopes of getting accepted for the second semester and guess what?!?! I got accepted!!! Hooray for me having a direction in life!

I also tried Comm Res and Journ but they still haven’t released the results and I had to confirm my slot in LIS. I’ve decided NOT to go find out if I passed or not so as to prevent feeling regretful and all those bad feelings. They’re not good for me.

So yay! I have a course!! And I managed to pass my French 12-13 despite my absence in, like, 10 meetings. HAHAHA.

Sembreak. My sembreak’s been fun even if I didn’t get to join my orgmates in Matabungkay. Oovoo helped us keep in touch. 🙂

Rotact had a dinner and an overnight last October 14. My orgmates spent the entire day at my house watching Scream and chatting and yada yada and they managed to convince me to go and have a round or two at Drew’s. The result? Me crying over my Family Situation for the nth time and then going to Banapple drunk. Thanks for my friends for not throwing me over the Banapple balcony thingamajig despite my constant pronouncements of love to them. Yay for very understanding friends!!

Yay friends
Kunwari old photo kuno. I LOVE MAH FRANS

 Look at this drunk person hanging out at the Banapple balcony like it’s no one’s business

Xai celebrated her 19th birthday at Cafe Lidia last Tuesday! Ugh, that place isn’t overrated at all! Their Buffalo Wings were heavenly, ugh, I just can’t. I hated the fact that they were doing some maintenance while we were there though. It was already a struggle to hear what everyone’s saying because everyone was so fucking excited to talk. LOL.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Naida’s house. She lent me her DVD of the second season of Modern Family!! Yay! We just tried to watch a few episodes of the first season (for Gette and Jamie’s benefit, since they haven’t watched any yet) and eat our body weight in to a pack or Hershey’s Miniatures. LOL.

I had dinner with Kuya Pat and Kyle at SM Marikina. Definitely worth getting yelled at for coming home late again. Teehee.

Hannah, Patty, Kyle and I were supposed to eat at Brother’s Burger last Thursday but ~*somebody*~ wasn’t able to wake up despite the missed calls Patty did. Yeah, well, we still went to Brother’s Burger anyway. What good friends. LOL. Good thing Lolo Russ didn’t have anything to do either so he joined us for bonding over burgers. We went back to my house to play three (or was it four?) games of The Forbidden Island applying the wrong rules. LOL. Yay, family bonding!!

The following day, after spending the entire morning (and a considerably huge chunk of my afternoon) in UP taking care of paperwork (LOL I SOUND SO PRETENTIOUS) for my shifting to LIS, I went to Patty’s so we could all play The Resistance which I sucked at. (Or maybe I wasn’t just thinking too much #excuses) Hannah managed to come by but she had work so she left a bit early. Then we played Mahjong!!! Yay, I won a lot of games! Teehee.

Gette and Jenny played at The Proj3cts and even if I was already a wee bit tipsy 30 minutes in, I know they were good because they’re my friends. LOL. I think I drank around five beers or something. I managed to embarrass myself (again, Redg?) by singing five (COUNT IT, FIVE) songs while drunk. I am a menace. Hide your microphones.

This is also the first time that I woke up the following morning with moments from last night missing in my head and a bajillion texts from my friends asking where was I or if I was okay or reminding my friends who were still with me to take me home safely. LOL. According to my sent items, Charles brought me home at around 4AM. I think I babbled a lot about my Family Situation to him. Note to self: I need to start not talking about that when I’m drunk.

I feel so fucking loved. I’m not even kidding. I LOVE MAH FRANS.


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