Get the picture?

This is insane.

You just don’t bring a distant relative over one day and then tell everyone, Hey, she’s going to live with us now. Forever.

I’m sure she’s nice and smart. She might actually have what it takes to be my friend (I sound so elitist) but you know how it is now. Dad’s not here anymore. There will be no more extra money for food and electric and water bills. It’s just Mom. She can barely make ends meet. She isn’t even the one who’s paying for my college education anymore. She’s tired. She’s getting old. Bringing another person, another mouth to feed, another person to use the shower and the electricity will not help.

Here’s a newsflash for you: Everything’s changed. It frustrates me to no end that you’re fucking oblivious with how things are right now. You know how we try to make meals last for at least a day. You know how we make an extra effort to remind each other to turn off unused appliances. You know it. Are you that dense? My mom doesn’t have a magical wallet that never runs out of money. Wake the fuck up.


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