Parenthetical Overkill (AKA an entry about you that’s all over the place)

I have the worst luck with love.

The first person I ever dated is now extremely full of herself (more than the usual) and it annoys me to death. My crush now has a faux-girlfriend and I have a feeling it won’t be very faux for much longer. The last person I fell in love with (in a I-would-do-anything-for-you-please-marry-me kind of love) broke up with me a week after my 18th birthday (it’s okay, bb I forgive you). The only man in my life that I love right now (AKA my dad) has let me down extremely (but I still love him ok).

And then there’s you.

My heart breaks in to a million tiny pieces everytime I think about how pathetic and helpless my situation is with you.

I’ve consulted a few (okay, a lot,) of my friends and they all said the same thing: Redg, you should just suck it up and not do anything. At least, for now.

I know they’re right. Even if they tried to convince me to go work my flirting skills (DID I JUST SAY FLIRTING SKILLS I SOUND LIKE A DOUCHE) on you, I would still try and convince them that NOT doing anything is the best decision. Making a move means changing things and change is almost always never good. Consequently, change is the only thing that is permanent in the world.


I’ve played this try-to-hide-my-feelings game before. Let’s hope my skills are not too rusty.

(I like this try-to-keep-this-a-secret-as-long-as-possible thing. I’d start keeping more secrets now. Just to drive my friends crazy LOL)


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