On mah hopes and dreams

I think it’s nice to be someone’s favorite high school teacher.

I always tell my friends to NOT enroll their future kids in my high school if they want good education. I say it as if it’s a joke but everyone knows it has a grain of truth in it. Still, I haven’t given up all hope for that school.

Yeah, I loved high school. I had cool friends and I was smart and I got good grades. If you ask me to tell a story about my high school life I’d probably give you a hundred or something, most of them about how crazy and fucked up my batchmates were. Only a few would be about how amazing my teachers were and how fucking inspired I was after a year of being his (or her) student.

I want to change that. I want high school freshmen to KNOW how to add or subtract fractions regardless if they’re similar or dissimilar. I want high school students not to react violently when one of their classmates tries to recite in English. I want them to appreciate history and not just memorize it. I want them to tell their other friends how amazing their teachers are in high school. I want them to be armed and ready for college. IMO, it’s so unfair that we have the so-called privilege of saying that we came from an all-girls private school but then don’t have the educational capacity to back it up. It’s embarrassing.

Yeah. Don’t enroll your kids to that private school near LRT Katipunan unless I’m teaching lol.


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