On not wanting to have awkward I-used-to-be-friends-with-that-person-in-college friends

I never thought I’d get to have real college friends.

I always thought that my highschool friends would be the only people I’d be comfortable enough with to tell all the dramatic and shitty stuff AKA my life. I thought I always had to settle for Facebook and text messages whenever I need to rant about stupid people. I thought I always had to wait one or two months before meeting up with people who can understand and accept how weird I am.

I must’ve done something good in my past life. Not everyone can have amazing friends both in high school and college. (At least, that’s what I like to think) And these college friends aren’t the “Let’s go study in the library” kind of buddies. They’re the kind of people who will look after you and have your back one minute and then afterwards will bombard you with witty remarks and half-meant jokes.

I dread the day when they will graduate. Some of them will go to med school or even abroad (QUE HORROR) and I know that the two or three years we’ve spent together may not be enough to make them remember how amazing of a friend I am.  (Chos.) It’s just that I don’t want to be forgotten. I want them to be there during the next important moments in my life like when I graduate in college (BY THAT TIME THEY WILL ALL BE MARRIED AND HAVE FIVE KIDS) or when I get married or when my baby is being baptized or whatever.

I don’t want them to become awkward friends who just exchange nods when they see each other. It happened with some of my highschool friends and I will not allow it to happen with these people. I love them too much.



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