Obligatory wordy blog entry about my long weekend and its aftermath

Just sat around on my ass and lazed around the house.

I watched the Women’s Basketball game (UST vs. NU) game to revel at the basketball-shooting-goddess that is Kristine Siapoc. She was amazing as usual but the fucking referees made a few bad calls so NU won while UST trailed five (or was it four?) points behind.

Interesting Fact: The school I support everytime I watch a UAAP basketball game live ALWAYS loses. Last year, I was required to watch at least 10 games of the Men’s Basketball Team (I watched ALL lol cos I have so much school pride OMG UP FIGHT!!) and they didn’t win ANY game. A month ago, my friends and I watched UP vs. UST and they lost again. 😦 I’m really getting more and more convinced that I bring bad luck to my team. 😦

Finished all of my schoolwork + gave a bath to our two dogs + cleaned the bathroom + fix ironed clothes all in all a very productive day.

Met up with my highschool friends at Gian’s house. I taught them how to play Mafia and I brought my brother’s Taboo. Also, CARBONARA AND PUTO AND PIZZA.

Some of us went to Moonleaf Katipunan after and I bought Hakka since Wintermelon wasn’t available. ~TEARS Went home at around 10PM after an order of large fries from McDonald’s, half-meant jokes and different insights about life in general (DUMI-DEEP~).

Went to bed at around 2AM because fucking Facebook failed to send my French dialogue to my partner and I didn’t save it on my computer so I had to make one from scratch.

I finished my reporting in Psych and then I just tried to memorize my dialogue for French. My professor was kind enough to move the dialogue the following day. My report for 51 went smoothly and I was in such a happy mood that I joined my orgmates for isaw at Sarah’s.

The agreement was that we were just supposed to eat but then we were already at Sarah’s and how can we not have a round of Red Horse?? Fifteen minutes in our spontaneous drinking session, Thea started calling me and told me to go to Bon Chon Katipunan because she, Mariel and Aivy were there. I was a bit hesitant (and tipsy already, I drank a bit too fast) but she managed to convince me by promising she’d treat me. YAY FOR FRIENDSHIP

The one-piece chicken meal was a bit bitin for me (I eat like a madman!!) but it was delicious. I’d try the spicy chicken next time. Still, I think that Flaming Wings’ chicken is better and more sulit. Hehe.

Thea had to go back to Ateneo for her 6PM class so I went back to UP for my org’s last event at Benton Hall. We were kicked out because we were too noisy. LOL. Anyway, since it was our last day we made more noise on purpose (LOL LOL LOL #MATURITY) and the director of the department beside us wasn’t too happy about that.

First day at our new tambayan at Vinzon’s. Goodbye cheap CASAA food and hello cheaper food from carts. LOL.

Tried Iscreamist at Matalino St. The smoking liquid nitrogen was uber-cool. I ordered Nutella and it had 4 marshmallows on top of it!!! A bit too expensive (my order cost P70) but it’s still worth a try. The service was also a bit slow since there was only one kuya working on and taking everyone’s orders.

Kyle, Allan and I will join a Harry Potter Quiz Bee tomorrow!! WISH US LUCK THE 1ST PLACE WINNER WILL WIN 3K!!


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