Things that keep me happy and sane.

I’ve managed to let out all (well, most of it, at least) of my issues during one drinking session at Sarah’s. My friends were shocked (an understatement) and offered words of comfort and amazement at how normal I seem to be all the time despite all the shit that’s been going on in my life right now. Thank God I can compartmentalize my feelings. Although I have been doing shitty in the attendance department in my classes, I still manage to perform in class. The quality of my performance, however, range from mediocre to acceptable.

Here are some of the people and things that keep me sane and happy (and a wee bit crazy).


ORGMATES. I cannot NOT go and visit the tambayan everyday. Armed with a deck of cards inside our bags, we used to go out everyday to Moonleaf or Ambula or wherever our feet (and money) might take us last month. We swore to minimize our little trips this week to save up on money but to no avail–we had dinner last night at Sefali’s.

They kept on making jokes about me wearing a blazer (I HAD TO REPORT IN A CLASS, OKAY)

On a side note, I didn’t drink any alcoholic beverage this week. So yay, go me!

POTTERMORE. I received my welcome e-mail on Tuesday night. I was the first to get a welcome e-mail among my friends so I bragged about it everywhere on the internet. I was so excited and nervous. I spent a good fifteen minutes on the first chapter (I WAS SO EXCITED AND CONFUSED ON WHAT TO DO). I had so much fun buying my schoolbooks. My wand is 11 and 3/4 inches, hard, made of ash with a phoenix tail feather for its core. I got sorted to Ravenclaw (OH YESSSSSS) but I can’t cast spells right. The letters just fall to the ground every time I press a letter. My apologies, fellow Ravenclaws. Anyway, I love all the little backstories on the Dursleys, McGonagall (MY HERO) and Quirrell. Heee. I love it so much that I cut one of my classes just so I could talk about it to my HP fan orgmates. UGH I LOVE HARRY POTTER SO MUCH

YOU. Everytime I see you my stomach starts doing flips. The last time I felt this way was three years ago. Hee. I’m just ultra happy when you’re around.


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