I am worried about you. I know you still love her and I’m worried that a new love would not help you at all. I’ve known you for more than a decade. Please don’t fuck your life up. Don’t do this out of spite.

If I were to rate your flirting skills on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest I’d give you a fucking 10.5. One problem: YOU’RE ALREADY COURTING SOMEONE. Ugh. Men.

You are, by far, the nicest guy I have ever met in my entire life. I like you a lot. I do not want to screw things up with you.

I can’t believe that, after all these years, you still get to be a feature in my blog entries. I am hopeful that things will get more normal for us. Whatever ‘normal’ means. Sometimes, I wish I could strike up a conversation with you without worrying if I l am too annoying or look too desperate. I worry about you. I hope you’re happy in whatever you choose to do.


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