I have an exam I have to study for and a French assignment due tomorrow and guess what?! I haven’t started on either. I managed to print my 160 handouts (all twenty-seven pages) and they are now waiting to be read and highlighted on the table. I have to finish my homework in French first but it’s hard to start when in front of the laptop.

My ninang and ninong from Australia visited the Philippines last July (it’s August already? July, you suck) and we had a mini-reunion last Saturday. I taught my cousins how to play tong-its and Pusoy Dos. I am an awesome cousin.

My org will be tambayan-less by the end of August ‘cos the department in charge of our space couldn’t take any more of our noise. What did they expect? We’re college students, for fuck’s sakes. We’re supposed to laugh boisterously and yell at random moments when playing cards. It’s like a rule.

My orgmates and I were debating on the colors of our org blog last night. I wanted the tabs to be red but they wanted it to be in yellowish gold color and I just gave up fighting for red (LOL) ‘cos whatever it’s not MY blog anyway. The blog is hosted on Blogger and they now have this template designer and I am really, really tempted to move back to Blogger. I currently have one tab open on blogger and all I need to do is think of another URL (one of the hardest part in making a blog IMO) and click continue. I am really, really tempted (I feel like I need to reiterate) and the only thing that’s stopping is that I already have a lot of entries here. Le sigh. So yeah, not moving back to Blogger.


I am currently munching on one of the many chocolate bars my godparents gave us wearing the hoodie that I received from them as well. With Bon Iver playing in the background and the sound of rain pouring outside, I am so tempted to just curl up on my bed and sleep.

Of course, I can’t do that. I’ve procrastinated long enough.

Au revoir!


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