I’ve finished reviewing for my French exam tomorrow. Pray to God it’s enough. I still have to review the conjugaisons of venir, etre, avoir and aller for the past and future tense. Why must the French be so fancy with their language? Ugh. Still, no regrets in choosing this as my language elective.

I’ve downloaded Harry Potter 5-7.1 yesterday for me to rewatch. So many shows and movies on my list! I still have five seasons of Daria and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (yes, I haven’t watched it yet, kill me now). I finally watched Rent last Friday and to say that I’m still addicted is an understatement.

still on repeat

Aivy celebrated her 19th yesterday at Shakey’s Katipunan so yay for free food! I was so full I decided to skip dinner. We dropped by Moonleaf afterwards for their Wintermelon Milk Tea. Thank God they had pearls! 🙂 Heee. We killed some time at McDonald’s (we didn’t order anything LOL) and I taught Ciaeli how to play tong-its.

YAY FRIENDS (c) Aivy Corpuz

I changed my WordPress layout because I had nothing to do. LOL.

Stuff to do:
160 report (due on Wednesday). I’ll start it tomorrow. I swear I will.
HP Quiz Show on Wednesday
Buddy Bidding on Wednesday


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