Harry Potter and the End of an Era

I cut class thrice this week. Patapon life but not quite because of the lack of alcohol and cigarettes! Yay for healthy living!

Anyway, there was a univ-wide Harry Potter Quiz Bee and I was supposed to play along with two of my orgmates as my teammates. Unfortunately, we decided to join too late. It isn’t a huge loss anyway, my friend said that the system sucked. Almost 40 teams of three joined, and you have to wait about ten minutes to see if you got the answer correctly because it’s being checked. I asked my friend what kind of questions they asked and it’s was too easy. LOL. “In the movies, which class did Professor McGonagall pull out Wood from?” and “What is Dumbledore’s full name?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME. THAT’S LIKE ASKING SOMEONE TO RECITE THE ALPHABET OR SOMETHING.

I am so fucking excited for Harry Potter!!!!! The multiple exclamation points do not convey the magnitude of my excitement. I slept around 1AM last night because I was watching Harry Potter Live and OH MY GOD I can’t believe it the cast is adorable! They’re such huge fans of Harry Potter themselves (esp. Jason Isaacs and Evanna Lynch) and I love it when they gush about the movies!

I feel like I have so much to tell but my thoughts are just all over the place. My friend gave me a small notebook where I practice my writing (like, writing stuff and not just my penmanship LOL) whenever I get bored in class (i.e. almost everyday). She knows that I always have to let my emotions out through words or I’ll explode. I’ll scan some of my doodles next time. LOL.

Aivy turned nineteen this week. Shakey’s on Sunday with Rotact! So so so exciteddd.


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