Promises are made to be broken.

Before school started, I made a sacred promise to someone (my Twitter account) that I would not cut any classes until the end of August.

Two weeks after classes started, I already skipped once in my Psych class (AKA Christian Living) and my other major subject. Excuses include an umbrella forgotten at home and someone who slept around 2AM and was too lazy to get up at 6.

Note to my future self: An 8:30 class is STILL too early for lazy people like me.

Also, I finally had my first bottle of alcohol after a month! It wasn’t planned at all. My friends and I were convincing another friend to drink alcohol as liquid courage for her speech but we were unfortunately, unsuccessful. I don’t know why  we didn’t manage to convince her though, our arguments were so good that we even managed to convince ourselves to have a bottle for lunch. LOL I don’t know what happened, it just did. So yay for me for finally drinking at Sarah’s!

I’m getting the hang of speaking French again. Ugh, all these verbs and leurs conjugaisons!

I’m so excited and nervous for the last Harry Potter film. I bought tickets from Mia and I’ll watch it with PanPil friends (sans the non-replying Terry) and Tammy! YAYYYYYY FRIENDS!!!

My org is going to have an application process this semester and the apps’ orientation was last Thursday.

Here’s a photo of me and Patty pretending to be applicants.

I have to get a job. I need money. Who needs help on high school math? I’m very much available! 😀


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