Last of Summer.

School starts tomorrow and I am excited for and dreading it at the same time. My first class is French 12 and I am so nervous because I just KNOW that the professor would require us to introduce ourselves in front of the class in French. I’ll review my basics as my Game of Thrones episode is downloading.

So I borrowed Mia’s french dictionary and I met up with Juabe because I have his field work request letter. He had lunch in Mushroom Burger and I stole some of his fries. Also, I did not know that Mushroom Burger removed those tabled with sockets in it. Maybe pople abused the charging spaces LOL. I certainly did. Once, I bought fries and Coke so that I could charge my phone LOL.

Next, we checked out the Moonleaf Tea Shop store in Katipunan. It’s a shame it’s only a take-out stand but it works. Hee. I ordered a Peppermint and Juabe ordered Wintermelon.

We ordered pudding as add-ons but I didn’t like it that much. They didn’t have pearls!!! 😦 Both are in my name. … My misspelled name. LOL

We stayed at McDonald’s because the weather is so fucking hot GAH.

Hehehe I’m so qt. In other news, SQUATTER NAILS LOL I’ll fix it before tomorrow

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