Healthy living

My self-esteem has been down lately because I haven’t started losing weight after Christmas. So whatever but food is good so I’ll just stop worrying about it so much.

I’ve discovered the goodness that is San Marino’s Tuna Paella. It’s paella. In a can. I buy it for 35 pesos at the sari-sari store everyday. I think this will kill me better than smoking but whatever it tastes so good!!! I think I’ll grow tired of it in the future.

In other news: I haven’t studied all weekend because I was a lazy piece of ass and we went to Trinoma yesterday to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Ugh I hate hanging out at Trinoma! There’s always shit loads of people. Yech.

Anyway here’s a picture of me trying hard to look Korean.

Sorry sorry sorry sorry
Sorry sorry sorry sorry

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