Channeling my inner left-handedness (or how I spent my Monday)

I was supposed to go out of the house today but for the Apps’ Team Building Seminar and another French Night Out but then I realized that

  1. I still have a shit ton of acads to face and
  2. being in my pajamas for the whole day is very comfortable

So instead of going out and getting some exercise (yes, going out with my friends is the only form of exercise I do), I did my French homework, French dialogue and read my Anthro readings.

Okay, so I didn’t really finish reading Anthro but who could blame me? I have a city to run in Facebook and those font sizes are just too damn small.

Trying to seduce you by putting the paintbrush in my mouth LOL

So last week, I found two bags made out of katsa (okay what’s katsa in English?) in the closet and I’ve decided to paint them! I’m not the most creative person in the planet so this ~artistic project~ is very un-like me.  They say that left-handed people are artistic, magaling mag-drowing, matalino etcetera but I’m not any of that. Except the matalino part.

So I painted a lightning bolt on the first one in commemoration of the probably one of the greatest, most tragic, most ironic and amusing heartaches every in the history of my love life. I’m actually thinking of getting a lightning bolt tattooed on my nape as a reminder of love and how it sucks the soul and life out of a person. LOL. What? I like to joke about how that relationship went down the drain (but only I can joke about it! Poke fun at it and I’ll punch you).

I painted the second one with the design of the subspace bag Ramona (from Scott Pilgrim) has. I am too lazy to look for a circular sling bag so there you go.

This is me trying (and failing) to be cute

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