How I Spent My Holidays

My friend, Carla, is hosting this contest over at Tumblr where she’s going to give out free bags to people who’ve the best answer to “How You Spent Your 2010 Holidays” and since I’m totally bored and I have nothing to do, I’ve decided to join. (Also, those bags are just bee-yoo-ti-ful okay!)

She said entries must come with a picture. And since I’ve no idea which picture describes my holidays best, I decided to just pose for one. I think I got a little bit carried away. LOL. So here goes…

Honestly, this year might probably be the worst holidays I’ve ever had. My family was a mess and I just didn’t feel the ~Holiday spirit~. I didn’t do anything special.


Mainly, I just pigged out in front of the computer.

Sleeping like an angel~

Or if I wasn’t doing that, I was sleeping in front of the computer.

Oh, look! I have friends to hang out with!

Of course, I also went out of the house to have a real life.

I went to my ex’s debut (1), goofed off and pigged out with my friends (2), visited my relatives in Manila (3) and attended a Christmas party where I won 150 pesos in playing BINGO (4).


I also drank a lot of alcohol in these events.
(Obviously, I didn’t drink rubbing alcohol, I was just too lazy to get a bottle of vodka downstairs.)


So there. Nothing special really happened.
I guess the only thing I’m really excited about is that my mom bought me a new phone!!!! Hihihi.
This is probably the most expensive gadget they have ever given me.
They always give me China Phones or hand-me-downs.

Homework? What homework?

Now that I only have a good five days left in my vacation,
I will probably spend it avoiding school work as much as possible.

Happy holidays!


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