The Things That Happened During My First Week Back At School

I haven’t posted anything lately even though I am online frequently. I guess the Internet still bores me.

So in an effort to keep this blog alive I shall write this entry about the things that happened during my first week back at school aptly named, “The Things That Happened During My First Week Back At School”

So after a grueling enrollment that last about four days, I finally got the 19 units I needed. Actually, I thought I was done last Friday but then, being the idiot I was, I got an extra subject under the MST program and I had to get some other subject.

I wish I had a laptop
Feigning Enthusiasm

First class was Anthro 10, which was on 7 fucking AM on the 4th fucking floor of AS. As expected, the prof was a no-show and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning for nothing. I cut our Thursday meeting so I won’t be seeing my Anthro instructor until Thursday.

I have a break from 8:30 to 10 and then it’s off to the hell that is the Math building for Math100. I was supposed to change my 100 schedule ’cause I thought the prof was someone else but, as it turns out, our prof was actually very, verry considerate and pretty. .. Not that the prettiness matters but whatever.

Integrated French 10 and 11 is EVERY FUCKING DAY from 4 to 5 fucking 30. OH YAY. But the class is fun and I have some friends with me so it’s kind of bearable.

I replaced my NatSci2 with SEA 30 which beginning to be bore. My instructor mixed up “Let’s take for example” with “Let’s take for granted.” WHAT.

Chem 1 is chill subject. We have a seat plan and I sit on the front row. Meh, whatever.

BTW, Darren Criss looks so fuckable on Glee.


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