On first sem grades, pirated DVDs and bitching on everyone this sembreak

My sembreak is boring me.

Even Facebook and Tumblr can’t keep me busy. Thank God for DVDs! Although my Big Bang Theory Season 1 is 7 episodes short. I love piracy but I absolutely hate it when DVD sellers put “THE COMPLETE SEASON” on their covers when it’s really not. Fuckers.

One of the few group pictures I joined during Xai’s debut! Happy birthday Xai!

October 25, barangay elections blahblahblah Xai’s debut where I totally PMS-ed on everybody. I was such a killjoy I would’ve punched myself in the face if I was another person. Labo. The party was fun though! I also managed to empty the contents of my stomach for the very first time due to too much alcohol. Oh, teenage life.

GRADES! Sadly, I think I would never have a CS standing in my college life. I’m just too lazy or too dumb. Whatever. Nevertheless, my grades are quite high this sem. I GOT MY VERY FIRST UNO!!! (On PE lol) 1.50’s on English 11 and PanPil19. A dos on SocSci2 (I was a bit disappointed though.. I was expecting something around 1) and A 2.25 ON STAT101 WHADDDDDUPPPP. Tangina pinaghirapan ko talaga yang 2.25 na yan as in AROUND THE CLOCK PUYATAN OKAY

Biology, as usual, ruined it by a 2.50. I can now say with every fiber of my being that I hate that subject. AND WHY DO I ALWAYS GET OLD BIOLOGY TEACHERS why can’t someone cool or interesting teach me Bio. WHYYYYY


3/8 of Rotact // (c) Tammy Yeban
Rio, Tammy and me @ Mcdo Eastwood (GET THIS: they ran out on ketchup!! WTF it wasn’t even midnight and THEY RAN OUT OF KETCHUP. TANGINA NO)

So last Thursday, my highschool barkada decided to go out but then only 3 out of 8 people managed to come. Nevertheless, it still a fun-filled night full of conversations about politics, religion, academics and ‘love’. Bleurgh.

I am dreading the enrollment. I only got one class on the first run. Fuck CRS.



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