Bumming around, nothing to do but frown.

Rainy days on sembreaks always get me down

So Dad left yesterday for a three-day ‘business meeting’ at Cebu and he forbid me to go out while he’s away. I would like to say a lot of not-so-nice things with his decision but meh. It wouldn’t change anything.

So lately my life has been like this.

Except I always fall asleep in front of the computer. It’s all good tho. I get to keep in touch with the outside world thru Twitter and Tumblr and I get to check my mafia, farm and restaurant on a regular basis. LOL I have no life.

So besides Farmville, Mafia Wars and Restaurant City (the only three games in Facebook that kept me interested enough to constantly play) I’ve found this gem:

the reason why I only posted five Tweets this morning

It’s basically like Guitar Hero played with the keyboard. The said you could use a guitar controller but I don’t have on of those so I can’t find out for sure. Anyway, unlike Jamlegend (a game very similar to Instant Jam), Instant Jam offers a wide variety of songs from Rihanna to Fall Out Boy and Tears for Fears to Metallica. However, you need to have downloaded the song to your laptop or PC first before being able to play. That part is quite easy with Limewire and torrents and stuff.

So I’ve found out 4 out of 7 of my grades. I got my first ever uno! On PE. LOL. 1.50 on English11 (I KNOW I AM SHOCKED), a dos on SocSci2 (HUHUHU I WAS HOPING FOR A 1.75) and a 2.50 on Bio1. Meh. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 2.75 on Stat and 1.75s (or higher!) on both ArtStud1 and PanPil19.



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