So my sembreak officially started last Friday. My last exam was Stat101 and Iknow I failed that. The make-up exam for the 2nd LE was quite easy and I’m expecting an 80+ or something.

So Monday was Egg’s emancipation. I went with Tammy, Chai and Lexli. I did not know Liveby would be attending too. So anyway, it was fun. The drinking games were fun to watch. I even joined some of the ‘divisions’. (The San Mig Light division where you have to eat a balut before drinking a bottle of SML with a straw and the Jose Cuervo edition where you have to drink approximately 3 shots of Cuervo before drinking SML as a chaser). Unsurprisingly, I did not win but I did enjoy drinking. As usual.

Tammy spent the night and we woke up around 9AM. The house was swimming in puddles cos of Typhoon Juan. I cleaned up the house a bit before going to Katipunan for a tutor sesh. Yay, money!

I am currently at my bestfran’s house with her girlfriend. They are both drunk and trying to hide the fact that they’re making out.



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