I will now sleep

Just finished reviewing for Laro sa Baga for PanPil19. It’s lucky the ‘rents forgot to switch the DSL thingy off. Yay for midnight internet sessions!

So I was stressing about my grades, GWA and Cheerleading games (not necessarily in that order) at 7AM in the morning. Not that you guise care (or read my blog for that matter) but I am trying to get my ass out of the Math program. It’s a long story which involves regrets, false sense of confidence and bluebooks full of red marks. You guys wouldn’t be interested in that.

Anyway, so I was basically trying to ready myself for a 3.00 in Biology 1. Yeah, I know it’s a GE subject but I just hate Bio. I hated Bio whe I was in high school and I still hate Bio up to now. It’s probably because the cosmos always give me old and boring teachers. (LOL Happy Teachers’ Day today too)

So going back to my story (LOL what story) I was expecting a 3.00 but when I saw my exam and did a few quick calculations (using my calculator, of course, I don’t trust myself with mental math anymore) I found out I’ve got 2.5! A 2.5 BITCHES AND I DIDN’T EVEN STUDY THAT HARD


Tomorrow: SocSci2 final meeting, PanPil19 orals (we just found out 11PM we had orals WHAT THE FUCK), buy Judo game tickets for Sunday

After class: Finish SocSci2 notes and reviewers, start on Stat101.



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