Write one leaf about what makes a good kiss.


A good kiss is when you don’t think about what you should do or how you should do it. I just comes naturally, even if you’ve never been kissed or have been kissed a thousand times.

A good kiss takes on different forms. It may be a quick peck on the lips, a tentative brush or a passionate one to the point that you would be gasping for air afterwards.

A good french kiss is not so wet. It is when your tongue just acts of its own accord. It doesn’t just freeze inside the other persons mouth nor is it doing an epileptic dance either. It is when both of you relish the moment that you two are finally together. (In a very literal sense.)

A good kiss may be silent, both of you savoring the glorious moment of lip locking. On the other hand, a good kiss may also be wild with both of you moaning for more.

A good kiss may be shared with a lover, a friend (with benefits), an ex, or a drinking buddy. It could be shared with the opposite sex or the same sex.

No two kisses are ever the same. Even if you share them with only one person over and over, it will never be the same for each one. Each kiss is different and unique.

Whatever. I know that a good kiss cannot be explained coherently. These words do not do justice a good kiss.

I just discovered this ozzom tumblr site which provides different topics to write on. Perfect for people who just stare at the screen waiting for some brilliant idea to hit them.


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